About Dean


He’s not normal…

Dean has this weird obsession with marketing, it flows through his veins.

Every waking hour he’s looking at what’s happening around him and how others are trying to influence your decisions

Dean found out many years back that the ability to convert browsers into buyers can change your life.

It’s going on all around you, every second of every day

It’s obvious at times, like walking into a car showroom, you know they want to sell to you

Other times though, it’s not so clear, but it’s happening

You turn on the TV; they’re selling you on what to watch

You watch your favourite show; they’re selling you on returning for the next episode

Selling is a skill that will set you up for life, if it’s done correctly

That’s what Dean Holland is about in business, creating value driven sales and marketing systems that automate the conversion process and achieve maximum ROI.

Outside of that he’s very much a family man, lover of movies and especially of food

Dean loves to travel and live incredible experiences that once he could only dream of

It’s been a tough journey of entrepreneurship for Dean, but he wouldn’t change a single moment of it

Now, he serves customers and clients across the globe with his digital products, training classes, coaching programs and live seminars and workshops

Here at Dean Holland dot com you’ll get little bits of all of this, to help you and your business, but make no mistake…

…Dean wants you as a customer, not a browser

Only when you are willing to invest in yourself can you truly get the help you need, so check out what we have to offer today